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Generating panels and CRUDs (9)

Installing/Configuring Modules (6)

Working with generated code (4)

Plans, payments and billing (8)

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Getting Started

What Files are inside of CRUD?

What code is actually generated when you create a new CRUD

How to Install Code Locally

Step-by-step demo example based on MAMP local web-server

Users / Roles / Permissions

How to work with (and customize) roles/permissions for users

Advanced Features

API Generator and Auth

How to generate API for CRUD and authorize requests with Laravel Passport

Multi-language projects

Dealing with translations, languages and their selection

How to Push Code to Github

You can push code to your repository right from the generator menu

Fields Types

BelongsTo / BelongsToMany

How to create and configure relationship fields between CRUDs

Working with File/Photo Fields

How to configure file upload with Spatie MediaLibrary package

Radio / Checkbox / Select

"Choice" type of fields and how to customize their values


System Calendar

How to add one or more CRUDs data to the same calendar

Dashboard & Reports

Adding charts and data tables to main dashboard


Restrict access to records of only their user or their team

Audit Logs

Log every change on new/existing records and view log table

CSV Import

Import CRUD data from CSV file and match columns

Global Search

One text field to search for data in multiple CRUDs and fields

User Registration

Typical Laravel registration form with a few additional options

Internal Messages

Mini-inbox system with messaging ability between system users

User Alerts

Send notifications to your users which they will see on the topbar

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