[October 8, 2019]
- Fixed: default Laravel field users.email now unique again - see Github issue
[October 7, 2019]
- Fixed bug with Push to Github duplicated migrations - see Github issue
[September 2019]
- Released separate page for Demo Projects
- Fixed bug in Global Search module for Laravel 6 - see Github issue
- Released new module User Alerts
- Fixed bug with CKEditor not working for Textarea fields - see Github issue
- Fixed reports page in Clients Management module
- Fixed bug in editing CRUD with BelongsToMany relationships
- Fixed duplicate migration class name in Internal Messages module
- Fixed bug with decimal fields - added fallback values for precision
- Fixed users CRUD update form - password field was required
- Fixed default values and error messages for login/register forms in AdminLTE 3 and CoreUI themes
[August 2019]
- Released new API Generator with Auth by Laravel Passport
- Released new module Change Notifications
- Released: while generating belongsTo() method, also generate hasMany() in parent CRUD
- Changed payment page to be Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Compliant - see Stripe docs
- Fixed column order issue for AJAX Datatables module when ordering by non-texts column
- Fixed displaying thumbnails for multiple photos in photo field type
- Fixed API Generator which was generating sync() for belongsTo relationships instead of belongsToMany
- Fixed CRUD deletion - now checks if it is not used in dashboard, change notifications or other modules
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