Expense Manager

Laravel 8 based system Expense manager with multi-tenancy registration

Classifieds Directory

Laravel 8 simple classifieds list, based on Classimax theme, including admin panel

Freelancer CRM

Laravel 8 based system for freelancers to manage their clients/projects/income

Appointments Calendar

Laravel 8 based system for beauty salons or clinics to manage appointments

Conference Event

Laravel 8 based event page with managing speakers/schedule and other details

Material Dashboard

Laravel 8 adminpanel boilerplate based on Material Dashboard by Creative Tim

Knowledge Base + FAQ

Laravel 8 knowledge base (FAQ) page with managing articles and categories

Job Listings Directory

Laravel 8 Job Listings page with managing jobs, companies and categories

Students Courses Enrollment

Laravel 8 Courses Listings with student enrollment and admin approval/rejection

Support Tickets Helpdesk

Laravel 8 Support Helpdesk system for customers, admins and agents

Shops Map with Google Maps API

Laravel 8 Shops Map with address autocomplete and multi-tenancy

School Timetable Calendar

Laravel 8 Timetable for Schools and Teachers/Students

Hospital Asset Stock

Laravel 8 Stock Management for Hospitals or other Companies

Tailwind CSS Dashboard

Laravel 8 adminpanel boilerplate based on Tailwindcomponents/Dashboard theme