What's inside

- CRUDs for Services, Employees and Clients
- CRUD for Appointments with choice of employees, client and time
- Weekly calendar view with links to edit appointments
Try "Clickable" Demo See code on Github
Laravel Appointments calendar
Laravel Appointments form

Technical details

- Based on Laravel 6
- Admin theme: CoreUI Free (Bootstrap 4)
- Last updated: September 2019
Try "Clickable" Demo See code on Github

Video Tutorial - "Making Of" (34 minutes)

Table of contents
[00:01] - Database schema explanation
[01:19] - Building system with QuickAdminPanel
[14:13] - Customizing Bootstrap DateTimePicker - removing seconds
[17:15] - Writing Seeders and Factories for dummy data
[28:58] - Customizing FullCalendar - weekly view with clients names