Video version of the tutorial:

Text-screenshots version:

To create a new CRUD, click Menus on the left sidebar, and then Create CRUD Menu Item in the center.

You will see a form, like below.

On the top you need to enter CRUD Model name (in plural, like "Projects" or "Transactions"), choose Font Awesome icon and parent menu, if needed.

At the bottom, some fields are pre-filled for you: id, timestamps, soft-delete.

To add new field, click Add new field row. You will see this form:

There is a dozen of field types, in the most simple Text field type you only need to add Key and Label, and click Save.

Every field type has its own settings. If we add another field with Textarea field type, we can choose whether to use CKEditor:

After you finish entering all the fields, just click Save CRUD at the bottom of the fields.

Then the code will start generating, and you will see the progress in the left sidebar - when you're able to View or Download new code.

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