How much time can you save with QuickAdminPanel?

Your (or your developer) hourly rate ($/hr):
How many menus/CRUDs in your panel?
Work to be done Approximate Hours
When Done Manually
Cost ($)
Auth System with Roles/Permissions 4 $
Adding front-end theme like AdminLTE 8 $
Creating CRUDs (1 hour per CRUD)
model + migration + views + controller + request
Need Extra Modules?
AJAX Server-Side Datatables
0.5 hour per CRUD
4 hours + 0.5 hour per CRUD
Log Data Changes for all CRUDs
4 hours
API for every CRUD
1 hours per CRUD
Total cost of building manually Hours $
Price of QuickAdminPanel membership $199 per year
That's for UNLIMITED projects!
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